Safe Operating Procedures

Safe Operating Procedures



These procedures are based on guidance from the Department of Education and Public Health England specifically for children and young people.  It is important that we adapt our everyday practices to ensure that we continue to offer children, young people, families, staff and all visitors a safe environment.       Hygiene and social distancing remain the two key elements of infection prevention and control.  If any symptoms are displayed in anyone attending we must be informed and the person/family must self-isolate for the safety of everyone.

Covid-19 appears to affect children less often and with less severity.  The children’s role in its transmission remains unclear but it seems that it is not significant.

Compassion is at the heart of this re-opening and we will do everything we can to be honest, open and to communicate with parents and carers.   There may be some anxieties and we acknowledge that it is understandable to feel worried and to recognise that Covid-19 lockdown has had an impact on everyone.

Everyone involved in the day to day running of the Centre has received appropriate instruction on how to operate under the terms of Safe Operating Procedures.   There is always a risk when children and young people come into contact with each other but we are doing everything possible to minimise any risk.  We will constantly update our procedures to take account of any changes in Government or Local Authority guidance.

We aim to work in partnership with all and trust that everyone understands and follows these Safe Operating Procedures.

The key principles of these procedures are:

  1. Any child, young person, family, visitor or staff member with suspected symptoms MUST NOT ATTEND and must isolate at home.
  2. Increased cleaning processes are in place throughout the site before, during and after sessions as appropriate.
  3. Children and staff will be social distancing as far as possible.
  4. Arrival and departure will change. During the day parents and children U5 will be directed to the areas they are to use and informed of the departure arrangements (which may be different than the arrival route).  Late afternoon and evening sessions will operate differently and parents will not be admitted to the building.  Any waiting parents are to socially distance and are asked to limit the number of adults collecting children. 
  5. There will be no reception function at the present time.
  6. There is to be no unnecessary social conversations on site and parents are requested to hold their conversations off-site.                                                                



All activity participants are welcome to attend but must not be displaying any coronavirus symptoms, the most common being a high temperature, a new continuous cough or loss of taste and smell.

It is important that you seek relevant medical advice if you are unsure.

It is important that children and young people do not attend if they are unwell in any way for their own wellbeing and for the safety of others.

If anyone is experiencing any Covid symptom they cannot return until they have completed the required isolation period and be symptom free or have achieved a negative test result (proof may be required).  Prompt exclusion is essential to preventing the spread of infection.   Anyone who is classed as clinically vulnerable should follow their own medical advice before attending.

It is preferable that any attendee does not mix too widely.   It is advised that children should not mix with too many different groups of children.

Activities for school age children may involve a different drop off and collection arrangement.  Know what is relevant for your child.


Routine temperature testing is not recommended as a reliable method for identifying coronavirus.  Attenders may be temperature tested if considered necessary.   Everyone should follow the NHS guidelines.  This relates to evidence of a high temperature, continuous cough and loss of smell and taste.


It is better not to share transport with others outside your ‘family bubble’. For those who can walk to the Centre this is to be encouraged.  For those using public transport face coverings are compulsory while travelling.


It can be difficult to avoid a level of physical interaction with children and young people.  It is important to have their wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.   If a child or young person is in need of assistance, it is inappropriate to deny this.  If personal care is required, the necessary PPE will be used.  To help with social distancing children will work in smaller than usual activity groups.    Staff will organise designated areas for activity – both outdoors and indoors.  Activity outside will happen as much as possible.  Where activity is held indoors we will use our largest spaces with maximum ventilation through doors and windows.   Children and young people will have access to the full range of activities that are considered safe at the time.

Social distancing will apply to all areas of the site wherever possible.


All staff and providers have appropriate instruction on the new Safe Operating Procedures.  Emphasis will be placed on good hygiene practices and maintaining social distance.  Safety of everyone will always come first.


We know that this is a very unique and worrying time for everyone.  It is most important that at the forefront of this heightened awareness of the need for safety that we do not forget that care and consideration must be taken of the need to ensure that everyone within Danson feels safe and secure.  We will endeavour to create as normal an activity environment as is possible at this present time.                                                                        We will concentrate on fostering secure relationships whilst constantly observing behaviours.  We will not be carrying out unnecessary `policing’ of attendees but using a rather `shepherding’ approach.  Parents will be informed if we have any concerns about any unmanageable behaviour.  If your child has any concerns or worries it is important that you inform a member of staff.      

CLEANING AND HYGIENE                                                                                                

An enhanced cleaning schedule has been implemented throughout the site.  Antibacterial agents are extensively used for the cleaning of premises, equipment and touch points.    Equipment that is difficult to clean will be removed and some activity may have to be adapted.  Staff will be required to sanitize the equipment they have used at end of session.

The rate of hand washing is significantly increased.  Everyone, including children, must hand wash on arrival.  If wash basin unavailable sanitizer will be a necessary alternative.   Signage to reinforce this message is displayed.

Use of tissues.  Everyone will be supported to understand the steps to take to keep themselves and others safe and this includes sneezing into tissue (or their arm if immediate) then to dispose of the tissue in a bin.  Signage to reinforce this message is displayed.

All children and young people should wear clean clothes every day. (Children are not to attend in school uniform.)


Anyone displaying symptoms whilst attending Danson should leave, or be collected, as soon as possible.  They should then isolate at home and follow NHS guidance.

 Anyone over the age of 5 is now eligible for a Covid-19 test.


 Any suspected or confirmed case must be reported to the Manager as soon as possible.  If a positive result is confirmed it will be necessary for the relevant group to be notified.   Positive tests will be reported to Public Health England.  The NHS Test and Trace Service will help to manage the risk of the virus re-emerging.   The  Coronavirus test is now available to anyone in England. Tests are free and can be requested through NHS website.   Alternatively attend a local test Centre as soon as possible.