HAF Terms & Conditions

Media Consent

DYT activities may be recorded via photograph and video. These images may be used for promotional purposes. If you do not consent to the use of images please email dansonyc@btconnect.com to inform us.

Terms & Conditions of service

I understand and accept the following terms:
When you purchase a service with Danson Youth Trust we only collect relevant information to enable us to provide services to you. We only collect information directly from you primarily for the purpose of providing services and products to you and to administer and manage invoicing and payments. We may occasionally use your information to provide you with information which we consider may be of interest to you unless you contact us and tell us not to do so. We will never sell or pass on any of your information to third parties unless required by government, local authorities or in the event of debt recovery. Any information passed on will be done so with appropriate privacy and confidentiality protection. Information is stored securely and is accessible only by authorised personnel. If you would like to know what information we hold about you or wish to update the information, or if you wish to be removed from all further direct marketing communications, please contact us via email at dansonyc@btconnect.com.

Important Information

If you book you are expected to attend. Any absence must be notified to Danson, a minimum of 24 hours in advance, to allow us to offer your place/s to someone else. Failure to attend affects funding and may jeopardise future attendance.

Please do not bring mobile ‘phones unless necessary; they cannot be used during sessions. No pictures or videos to be taken. No social media use at any time.

Please bring a bottle/sports bottle of plain water – clearly label with first and last name.

Do not bring sweets or fizzy drinks. Lunch and snacks are provided. You may not bring any nuts, or products containing nuts, under any circumstances.

Please dress suitably and comfortably. Shorts/leggings/joggers and a t-shirt with trainers. No crop tops. No dresses or skirts as they are not suitable for sports activities. Socks must be worn for trampoline. No jewellery. If you have long hair make sure you have something with you to tie it back. Please make sure that all removeable clothing is named and that your child has all items at collection. Please do not bring anything you will not need.

Any inhalers or other medication must be clearly marked with the name of the user.

Parents may not enter the building; all drop-off and collection is from the building entrance.

On your first arrival, if you are in receipt of free school meals, you will need to complete a form for the London Borough of Bexley.

For those booking paid-for places, all transactions are final. We operate a ‘no refund’ policy.

Do not send your child or young person to a Holiday Programme setting if they are unwell.

HAF conditions of booking

Eligibility for fully funded places is that children are aged 5-12; get benefits-related Free School Meals, (not the free lunches that everyone in years R, 1 and 2 get at school), and go to a school in Bexley. If you are not eligible then you will be charged. Each parent claiming a fully funded place will need to complete and sign the Parent Declaration Form, (provided on arrival to activity), to confirm they’re eligible.

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