The Danson Centre Brampton Road
  DA7 4EZ
Telephone 020 8303 6052
E-mail - Main Office
E-mail - Children's Centre
Opening Times Monday - Friday, 9.00am-10.00pm
Saturday - 9.00am - 6.00pm

Reception Times

Monday - Friday, 9.30am-2.30pm &
Saturday, 9.30am-2.00pm
(Access to activities and appointments not affected).


Wheelchair access
Child and Youth Membership £10 Per Annum
Fees: General Activities £3.00 Member with card
  £4.00 Non-Member
Fees: Structured Classes based on course length
(Pre-book at reception) £5.00 taster session
Adult Membership (19+ years) £20 Per Annum
Fees £4.00 Member
  £5.00 Non-Member
Please note that we cannot accept payment by card.
All payments need to be made in person at The Danson Centre.
Cheques can only be accepted where minimum value is £10.00.